How do I cancel my Gig?

If you wish to cancel your gig because of;

  • The user not responding
  • You chose the wrong person
  • You're not happy with the work
  • You entered the wrong royalties

You can do this by heading to the payment tab on the Gig and pressing negotiate. Enter the reason and the amount.

Generally, if no work has been started, you can enter $0 and the entire Gig amount will be returned to your Vocalizr wallet.

If some work has been completed but you've simply 'had a change of heart', it's best to discuss with the employee what is a fair amount for the time they've put in, and enter that amount into the negotiation.

It's important to note that both singers and producers are able to post unused music or songs on Vocalizr's Marketplace for sale to other users.

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