Downgrading Access Pass subscription while Gigs or Contests are in progress

You can downgrade your subscription at any time if you do not have Gigs or Contests in Progress.


By 'in progress', we mean:

  • Accepting bids on Gigs
  • Accepting entries on Contests
  • Deliberation phase: the 7 day period while you are deciding who to award the Gig or Contest to
  • In the studio working on the project

We do this due to constraints regarding the payment flow and fees, and to protect from users gaming the system.


Once your Gig or Contest is completed, you can download your Access Pass subscription.


When bidding/submissions close - The 7 Day Deliberation Phase

When a Gig or Contest has completed the bidding/submission phase, you have 7 days to decide who you like to award to. At the end of the 7 days, if you do not want to choose a winner you can downgrade your subscription, and deactivate the Gig or Contest. This will make the Gig or Contest inactive and not accessible.



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