What are Certified Pro stamps?

Certified Pro stamps will appear next to a user’s name certified_pro_stamp_clipped.svg and signify that a user is of professional quality/level. These stamps can be issued to professional singers & producers so users can:

  • See at a glance that the user is a professional - and as such a level of quality is assured.
  • Search for Certified Pro singers or producers only, which helps full time professionals quickly find pro quality talent.

In order to become a certified pro vocalist on Vocalizr, you must meet & demonstrate the following requirements:

  1. Strong vocal ability
  2. Strong pitch control
  3. Strong lyrical ability
  4. Strong songwriting ability
  5. Proven track record with strong released songs (if all 1-4 +7 are ticked, this doesn't apply)
  6. Working professional, released tracks on well known labels (if 1-4 +7 are ticked, this does not apply)
  7. High quality, professionally recorded demos
  8. A fully filled out profile. (If 1-5 +7 are ticked, this does not apply)


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