How can I get a Certified Professional stamp?

You can apply for a Certified Professional stamp here

With the application we;

  1. Assess your skill level, ability,  and experience.
  2. Assess your Profile - is it filled out?
  3. Asses if your music is of professional level
  4. Assess industry experience

Please note: Certified Professional stamps will be removed if any of the Vocalizr community rules and guidelines are broken. This includes behaviour on the platform, attempting to take people offsite, requesting money without first completing the work, or simply acting in an unprofessional manner.

Certified Professional Stamp Requirements:


In order to become a certified pro vocalist on Vocalizr, you must meet & demonstrate the following requirements:

  1. Strong vocal ability
  2. Strong pitch control
  3. Strong lyrical ability
  4. Strong songwriting ability
  5. Proven track record with strong released songs (if all 1-4 +7 are ticked, this doesn't apply)
  6. Working professional, released tracks on well known labels (if 1-4 +7 are ticked, this does not apply)
  7. High quality, professionally recorded demos
  8. A fully filled out profile. (If 1-4 +7 are ticked, this does not apply)


Demonstrate competent technical ability and skills, industry experience, and recordings released on labels that are not self-published.

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