Rules & Guidelines - All in one

1. Circumventing the system

Users who are found attempting to take people outside Vocalizr to work will be banned. Further, if you are found to be attempting to circumvent fees, you will also be banned.


Why? This compromises the safety and security of our users - we have things in place like agreements and logs to ensure safety and security. Outside the system, we can’t help you if something goes wrong.


2. Faking a profile / working as a front for someone else

If you are a producer or writer who writes for a singer, you need to clearly state that is what you are doing in the profile, who the singer is, and on request, provide their contact information. Any profiles found to be faking their identity for money will result in the authorities being notified.


Why? This amounts to fraud, and we play by the rules.


3. Gigs with no payment

Gigs that are posted that describe no payment or to pay with royalties only will be removed, without notice or question.


Why? Vocalizr is a jobs platform, where people work to get paid. This is people’s livelihood. Do you expect to get paid at your job? If everyone did free jobs, Vocalizr would not exist.


4. Etiquette / Behaviour

It is expected that every Vocalizr user treats employee or employer politely and with respect. Abuse, profanity, or threats of any kind will not be tolerated, and will result in an immediate ban.


5. Professional & Timely

It is expected that users who enter into a job in the form of a Gig or Contest on Vocalizr should reply and communicate in a professional and timely manner. Failure to respond will result in Gigs being closed in the negotiator’s favour, and potential removal of Certification stamps (when applicable).


Why? Most people are working on a tight deadline, and require prompt completion of work to move forward to the next phase of the record’s lifecycle. Wasting time isn’t cool, and it messes up promotion and release dates, among many other things.


6. Artistic Differences

If a Gig or Contest creator isn’t happy with the work provided, they have every right to close the Gig or Contest by way of negotiation, and offer either no or some money for time put in. As artistic differences are common, it is expected that the employee understands that paying for something they can’t or won’t use is illogical. However, the employee should understand that they can then use the work they did to sell on Vocalizr’s Marketplace, or for another Gig or Contest.


Why? You ask for a picture of a cat, but you received a picture of a dog. Would you still put it on your wall? Tip: Not everything is lost if they don’t like what you’ve done - use it for something else or sell it.

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