How do I verify my identity?

1. Go to your profile on Vocalizr and click ' Edit Profile'. Make sure you enter your first name and last name (surname) properly filled in on your profile, as it is shown on your ID document. **Standard English characters only**

2. Head to, click on 'Contact' and fill out the form:

3. Choose 'I need to verify my identity'

4. Click next, and in the message area, attach the following (use the little picture with a plus icon to attach)

  • Attach a clear picture of your ID.
  • Attach quick video of you (clearly showing your face) holding up the ID (clearly show the ID) and saying "hey Vocalizr, this is me!"

5. Click 'Send Message'

ID verification can take up to 24hrs, however if we're awake (we're in Melbourne, Australia) it's usually much faster than that!

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